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n. (Hira=ひと) man, person, human being, mankind, people

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n. (Trad=人, Pinyin=ren2) man, person, hand, folk, human being, people, adult, grown-up, personality, character, manpower

Babylon Chinese(T) English dictionary

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n. (Simp=人, Pinyin=ren2) man, person, hand, folk, human being, people, adult, grown-up, personality, character, manpower

Korean English Dictionary

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[人] a man; a person

[人-] get dizzy from overcrowding; feel sick [faint] from the jostling of a crowd

Chinese idioms explained in English

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yi4 ming2 jing1 ren2
Amazing people with the first call.
Said of an obscure person who amazes the world with some spectacular achievement little expected by others. Startling the world. Set the world on fire. Coming as a bombshell.

san1 ren2 cheng2 hu3
Three persons talking about a tiger makes it real.
Lies that are repeated often enough will be accepted as truth.

wei4 ren2 zuo4 bing1
To make ice for someone.
To come with proposals of marriage on the behalf of somebody. To act as a matchmaker.

ren2 ren2 zi4 wei1
Everybody finding themselves in danger.
Everybody feels that they are in danger and insecure.

ren2 fei1 shen4 xian2, shu2 neng2 wu2 guo4.
People are not saints, so who can be without blame?
It lies in the human nature to make mistakes.

yang3 ren2 bi2 xi1
Relying on the breath of someone else.
To be dependent on the whims of others. To be slavishly dependent.

bang4 ren2 men2 hu4
Hanging on someone else's door.
Said of a person who is unable to support himself but depends on others for a living.

xian1 fa1 zhi4 ren2
Gain the initiative by striking the first blow.
The best defence is offence.

qian2 wu2 gu3 ren2, hou4 wu2 lai2 zhe3
A deed that has never been approached before and will never be approached again.
The first half (前无古人) can also be used by itself, meaning someone without predecessors or something that no ancients in the past has ever done; without parallel in history; an unprecedented event.

qian1 ren2 yi2 mian4
Thousand persons with one face.
All look the same.

cha4 qiang2 ren2 yi4
Lacking a strong person to suggest.
Barely satisfactory. Said of someone or something which is good enough to fulfill a need.

xing2 shi4 bi1 ren2
The situation is pressing.
(No further explanation)

tui1 ji3 ji2 ren2
One who is put in the position of another.
To imagine oneself in another man's position and understanding him. Compare with 取而代之 (qu3 er2 dai4 zhi1) and 穿小鞋 (chuan1 xiao3 xie2).

pang2 ruo4 wu2 ren2
As if there was nobody around.
Acting as if there was nobody present in the vicinity. Self-assured or supercilious.

zeng1 shen1 sha1 ren2
Zeng Shen killed a man.
This idiom is used to express how fearful a rumour can be.

yue4 xia4 lao3 ren2
The old man under the moon.
Used to describe the god of matrimony or a match-maker.

mu4 ren2 shi2 xin1
Man of wood with a heart of stone.
Said of a man of strong will unmoved by temptations.

sha1 ren2 bu4 zha3 yan3
Killing without blinking.
Said of a devilish man who kills wantonly and ruthlessly.

qi3 ren2 you1 tian1
The man from Qi feared that the sky might fall.
Said of imaginary or groundless fears. Cross the bridge when you get there!

wu4 yi3 lai4 ju4, ren2 yi3 qun2 fen1
Things of a kind come together, people of a mind fall into the same group.
Said of people who fall into the same group because they are similar. Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together.

chi1 ren2 shuo1 meng4
A fool telling about his dream.
To talk complete gibberish and nonsense.

mang2 ren2 mo1 xiang4
Blind men sizing up an elephant.
Said of persons who take the part for the whole. Judging the whole situation by only looking at minor details. Compare with 井底之蛙 (jing3 di3 zhi1 wa1) and 舍本逐末 (she3 ben3 zhu2 mo4).

zhi1 ren2 zhi1 mian4 bu4 zhi1 xin1
Knowing a man is only to know his face and not his heart.
(No further explanation)

zi4 qi1 qi1 ren2
Deceiving oneself is to deceive others.
(No further explanation)

su1 zhou1 mei3 ren2
Beautiful women come from Suzhou.
(No further explanation)

pei2 liao3 fu1 ren2 you4 zhe2 bing1
Losing both the lady and the soldiers.
An expression that describes a person who intends to profit at other people's expense, but suffers two-fold instead. Throw the helve after the hatchet.

zheng4 ren2 mai3 lyu3
The man from Zheng buying shoes.
Said of a person who is very hidebound. The man from Zheng measured his feet before going to buy shoes, since he believed the ruler rather than himself...

zheng4 ren2 zheng1 nian2
Men from Zheng arguing about their age.
A meaningless quarrel.

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