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n. Hebrew first name

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Adi may refer to:
Peoples and places:

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Adi (mythology)
In Hindu mythology Adi is an asura killed by Shiva for taking the disguise of Shiva's consort Parvati.

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n. Adi, Hebrew first name

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v. accept, resort, have recourse

Babylon Turkish-English

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n. cheap jack, seller of cheap goods, peddler of inferior articles, handseller
adj. low-class, no class, low, rubbishy, common as dirt, common, mean, everyday, ordinary, abject, base, camp, campy, chintzy, coarse, coarse grained, commonplace, contemptible, dastardly, despicable, groveling, grovelling [Brit.], gutter, hackneyed
n. name, first name, given name, appellation; reputation, repute, fame, title; noun; denomination, denotation, moniker, substantive

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