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v. adorn, decorate, beautify, ornament, embellish; endow

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v. adorn, decorate, ornament; bedeck, prank, attire

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(v.) = embroider ; deck out ; ornament ; adorn ; stud ; embellish ; grace ; trim ; drape ; ornate ; garnish ; beautify ; prettify ; deck.
Ex: This very absence of quality is what makes these books attractive to children, not just because they are easy to read, undemanding, untaxing, but because the simplistic plots and characters leave children free to embroider and enrich the stories in their own way as they read.
Ex: He was described as 'a self-important, self-righteous blowhard, puffing his filthy pipe, patches on the elbows of his well-worn tweed jacket, decked out in the cliche costume of the shabby liberal icon'.
Ex: Then, from about 1830, the covering material was further ornamented in an embossing machine = Entonces, aproximadamente a partir de 1830, el material de la cubierta se adornaba aún más con la ayuda de una máquina de estampar en relieve.
Ex: Florence used the occasion to boost its international prestige by creating a triumphal arch adorned with inscriptions and sculptures.
Ex: Substantial improvements in access and off-street parking have been made, and shopping centers now stud the landscape.
Ex: In industrial societies even the poorest people acquire artefacts to embellish their surroundings; such 'bric-a-brac' may in some cases be the detritus of a previous age or a more affluent environment, and in some cases is destined to become 'collectable' in time to come.
Ex: The greatest living theoretician of descriptive cataloging, Professor Seymour Lubetzky, graced our library with his brilliance, insight, and fierce dedication to the integrity of the catalog.
Ex: The scarf can be knit with pockets at the end to keep their hands toasty or trimmed with bobbles for a funky look.
Ex: Classrooms were draped with cloth and garlanded with lattices and vines.
Ex: The bottom of the map is ornated with a large decorative allegoric city view of Stralsund flanked by two sea monsters.
Ex: Chocolate can be used for garnishing in the shape of chocolate chips or grated and sprinkled over dessert.
Ex: I must say it's quite a neat idea that beautifies the city and doesn't burden the resources.
Ex: Combining form and function, this is an easy way to prettify your kitchen and reuse instead of recycle.
Ex: A hospice volunteer has decked his house in hundreds of Christmas lights in a bid to raise money.
* adornar con abalorios = beading.
* adornar el borde = fringe.
* adornar el fleco = fringe.

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