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adv. forward; in advance

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To be ahead is a unit of language.

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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1. having the leading position or higher score in a contest; "he is ahead by a pawn"; "the leading team in the pennant race"
(synonym) ahead(p), in the lead, leading
(similar) up

1. at or in the front; "I see the lights of a town ahead"; "the road ahead is foggy"; "staring straight ahead"; "we couldn't see over the heads of the people in front"; "with the cross of Jesus marching on before"
(synonym) in front, before
2. toward the future; forward in time; "I like to look ahead in imagination to what the future may bring"; "I look forward to seeing you"
(synonym) forward
(antonym) back, backward
3. in a forward direction; "go ahead"; "the train moved ahead slowly"; "the boat lurched ahead"; "moved onward into the forest"; "they went slowly forward in the mud"
(synonym) onward, onwards, forward, forwards, forrader
4. ahead of time; in anticipation; "when you pay ahead (or in advance) you receive a discount"; "We like to plan ahead"; "should have made reservations beforehand"
(synonym) in advance, beforehand
5. to a more advanced or advantageous position; "a young man sure to get ahead"; "pushing talented students ahead"
6. to a different or a more advanced time (meaning advanced either toward the present or toward the future); "moved the appointment ahead from Tuesday to Monday"; "pushed the deadline ahead from Tuesday to Wednesday"
7. leading or ahead in a competition; "the horse was three lengths ahead going into the home stretch"; "ahead by two pawns"; "our candidate is in the lead in the polls"; "way out front in the race"; "the advertising campaign put them out front in sales"
(synonym) out front, in the lead

Babylon English-Czech

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přísl. předem; vpředu; dopředu

Babylon English-Polish

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Przysł przed; z/do przodu; przed; do przodu; przed; naprzód; na prowadzenie; wyprzedzający swoją epokę

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