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Member of the National Assembly for Wales
The National Assembly for Wales is composed of 60 members known as AMs or Assembly Members (in Welsh: ACau or Aelodau'r Cynulliad). Forty are chosen to represent each individual constituency, and 20 are chosen to represent the five regions of Wales.

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Airport Code Dictionary

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Airport Name: Schiphol Airport
Airport Location: Haarlemmermeer

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AWC Acronym Glossary

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American Meteorology Society

Source: NOAA's National Weather Service, Aviation Weather Center.

Agriculture Glossary

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Aggregate measure of support; Agricultural Marketing Service.
Aggregate measure of support (AMS)
An indicator of the amount of domestic support for agriculture. As used in the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture, the AMS refers to a measure of the gap between domestic and world prices multiplied by the quantity supported, plus any other commodity-specific transfers. Internal or domestic support reduction commitments in the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture are expressed in terms of reductions in a total AMS covering all trade-distorting internal support measures for agriculture.
Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS)
A USDA agency that establishes standards for grades of cotton, tobacco, meat, dairy products, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. It also operates inspection and grading services and market news services, and provides supervisory administration for federal marketing orders.

Malay to English

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(Algemene Middelbare School) k.o upper secondary school (colonial era

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