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v. annul, cancel; revoke, rescind; defeat, overcome
adj. annular
nm. ring finger

Babylon Portuguese English dictionary

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v. annul; defeat; abrogate, abolish; repeal, rescind; disaffirm, overrule
anular (m)
n. ring finger, fourth finger

Flamenco terms Dictionary

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Ring finger. Right hand symbol - lower case 'a'.

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(v.) = negate ; nullify ; override ; overtake ; overturn ; render + valueless ; render + wrong ; repeal ; rule out ; short-circuit [shortcircuit] ; stultify ; dope ; gainsay ; eviscerate ; wipe out ; obliterate ; preempt [pre-empt] ; revoke ; undo ; waive ; quash ; block off ; write off ; blot out ; overrule ; void ; cancel ; disallow ; annul ; comment out ; rescind.
Ex: Thus excessive delays in the availability of cataloguing records from the central agency will negate much of the value of a central service.
Ex: To adopt terms or names in various languages, which are probably unfamiliar in a certain other language, would be to nullify the usefulness of that catalog to all of these users in the interest of cooperation.
Ex: On the final screen in the sequence, the default values for today's closing time and tomorrow's opening time may be overridden.
Ex: Why have card-based systems been overtaken by computer databases?.
Ex: However, any refinement involves greater human intervention, and this in turn can easily overturn the arguments in favour of subject indexes based upon titles.
Ex: The immense cultural differences facing the professions tends to render comparisons valueless.
Ex: Further, changes in the external world serve to render judgments, valid at the moment, wrong at best, and detrimental to the effectiveness of the catalog at worst.
Ex: I was one of the cosigners of a resolution which tried to have the ISBD repealed.
Ex: If, however, we index documents about primary schools under the term primary school, we can immediately rule out a lot of irrelevant documents in our search.
Ex: There is little modulation, whole steps of division being short-circuited and an odd assembly of terms being frequently found: e.g.: LAW see also JURY, JUDGES.
Ex: Excessive standardisation also tends to stultify development and improvement of IT products.
Ex: A photolithographic process selectively dopes minute areas of the silicon and so builds up circuits.
Ex: We could even agree that no one in our experience is terribly interested in knowing about all of the works of an author, and this would not gainsay the value of consistent author entry.
Ex: Also, to become emotionally wedded to a particular view is to eviscerate one's effectiveness in achieving a workable solution.
Ex: Strong economic forces, inflation and an over-strong pound wiped out any noticeable benefits of EEC membership to industry.
Ex: Typing errors cannot be obliterated with a normal erasing fluid as this would print and appear as a blotch on the copies.
Ex: This article concludes that the main value of the indicators is as a management tool, as a means of preempting problems.
Ex: I would think that we would still charge for lost and damaged books and that we would revoke borrowing privileges of chronic offenders, or whatever we decide to call them.
Ex: The National Library of Estonia, established in 1918, is undergoing a revolutionary period of undoing the effects of the cultural policies of the communist regime.
Ex: When only partial success in contracted terms is achieved, the repayment due may be reduced or waived.
Ex: The author brazenly insists that Woodman's family has compromised the documentation of the photographer's life by effectively quashing most of her work.
Ex: A globalizing world so devoted to 'diversity,' as the present one is, can ill afford to block off one particular communication channel in favor of any other.
Ex: They express concern over Povinelli's certainty in writing off that multicultural project, however.
Ex: Las Vegas was once notorious for loose morals, fast living and financial transactions murky enough to blot out the desert sun.
Ex: President Eisenhower overruled some of his military commanders in summer 1958, ordering them not to use nuclear weapons against China.
Ex: However, in the case when the user's input fails, we would like to void the reserved funds.
Ex: Pressing the RESET key cancels the insert mode.
Ex: Publishers still hoped to establish monopolies on individual books that were out of copyright, but this was eventually disallowed by a legal ruling in 1774.
Ex: In 2009 the court annulled the decision and remanded the case to the authority for further investigation.
Ex: It is easy to make this mistake if you are trying to comment out a large block of code.
Ex: Although that policy was quickly rescinded, conflict continues over the policy's objective.
* anular las posibilidades = close off + possibilities.
* anular la validez de un concepto = sterilise + idea.
* anular una posibilidad = block off + alley.
* anular una sentencia = overturn + a ruling.
* anular un gol = disallow + goal.

(adj.) = ring-shaped.
Ex: The rash slowly becomes ring-shaped, with a red-colored, raised border and a clearer center.
* dedo anular = ring finger.

Paulo Roberto da Costa - Mechanics

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Em formato de anel
Ranhura anular
Rasgo anular
Annular groove

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