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APC (armored personnel carrier)
armored vehicle used to transport soldiers and equipment to and from the battlefield

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APC or Apc may refer to:

Biology and medicine

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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1. (military) an armored vehicle (usually equipped with treads) that is used to transport infantry
(synonym) armored personnel carrier, armoured personnel carrier
(hypernym) armored vehicle, armoured vehicle
(classification) military, armed forces, armed services, military machine, war machine
2. a drug combination found in some over-the-counter headache remedies (Aspirin and Phenacetin and Caffeine)
(hypernym) medicine, medication, medicament, medicinal drug

NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms

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Antigen-presenting cell. A cell that shows antigen on its surface to other cells of the immune system. This is an important part of an immune response.  

A Service of the National Cancer Institute.

Telecommunication Standard Terms Dictionary

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Abbreviation for adaptive predictive coding.
adaptive predictive coding (APC)
Narrowband analog-to-digital conversion that uses a one-level or multilevel sampling system in which the value of the signal at each sampling instant is predicted according to a linear function of the past values of the quantized signals. Note: APC is related to linear predictive coding (LPC) in that both use adaptive predictors. However, APC uses fewer prediction coefficients, thus requiring a higher sampling rate than LPC.

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