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ASE (Aircraft Survivability Equipment)
method of protection in airplanes and helicopters (heat lamps, radar scramblers, etc.)

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ASE or ase may stand for:


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Ase may refer to

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The suffix -ase is used in biochemistry to form names of enzymes. The most common way to name enzymes is to add this suffix onto the end of the substrate, e.g. an enzyme that breaks down peroxides may be called peroxidase; the enzyme that produces telomeres is called telomerase. Sometimes enzymes are named for the function they perform, rather than substrate, e.g. the enzyme that polymerizes (assembles) DNA into strands is called polymerase; see also reverse transcriptase.

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Åse [pronounced aw-] is a Norwegian feminine name, historically spelled Aase. It may refer to the following:

  • Åse Ludwigson, a character in the 1996 Television Mini-Series Titanic
  • Åse, a character in the play Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen
  • Åse Birkrem, a Norwegian handball player
  • Åse Fosli, a Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party
  • Åse Hedstrøm, a Norwegian composer based in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Åse Idland, a retired Norwegian biathlete
  • Åse Kleveland, a Swedish-Norwegian singer and politician
  • Åse Klundelien, a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party
  • Åse Gruda Skard, a Norwegian psychologist, and a pioneer in the field of the bringing up of children
  • Åse Michaelsen, a Norwegian politician representing the Progress Party
  • Åse Teigland, musician on the NorCD label

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v. graze, feed on growing grass, browse

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ASE (Agence spatiale européenne)
ESA, European Space Agency
nf. assafoetida, resin used in food and for medical purposes

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v. roast, broil; barbecue
v. seize, take forcibly; grasp, hold

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