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Avidya may refer to:
  • Avidya (Buddhism), a Buddhist concept which denotes ignorance of the four noble truths or misunderstanding of the nature of reality.
  • Avidya (Hinduism), a Sanskrit word for ignorance or delusion in the finite self which appears in Hindu texts such as the Upanishads.

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Avidya (Sanskrit) [from a not + vidya knowledge, wisdom] Nescience rather than ignorance; it implies absence of wisdom rather than inherent incapacity, and is the result of illusion producing ignorance. Hence ignorance of spiritual things. See also Vidya

Hinduism Glossary for Introduction to Religion

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Avidya literally means "ignorance," and is the opposite of Vidya . It can refer to ignorance of proper social and religious behavior. In Sankara's thought (preserved in Advaita Vedanta), it became more than that. Avidya is the delusion of both the intellect and the spirit. This delusion prevents one from seeing beyond the duality of this world (i.e., matter) into the true unity of everything.

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