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A cargo

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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a cargo
= in the saddle.
Ex: The article 'New Man in the saddle' outlines the plans of the new chief executive of Bertelsman publishers for restructuring the company.


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A cargo
He's the one on charge of the Cafe when the girls are at school.
Él es el encargado (responsable) del Café cuando las muchachas están en la escuela.
Currently he is on charge of the ecological sinking of the vessel.
Actualmente él es el responsable (encargado) del buque undido ecológico.
Who's in charge here?
¿Quién es el encargado (responsable)?
I demand to see the person in charge.
Exijo ver al encargado.


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A cargo
chamada interurbana para central tipo A: In charge

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