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Abatur (sometimes called Abathur, Yawar and the Ancient of Days) is the third of four emanations from the supreme, unknowable deity in the Mandaean religion. His name translates as the "father of the Uthre", the Mandaean name for celestial beings. His usual epithet is the Ancient (Atiga) and he is also called the deeply hidden and guarded. He is described as being the last son of the Second Life, or Yoshamin, the most important figure in Mandaean religion and the one from whom they took their name.

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Encyclopedia Mythica Dictionary

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[Persian] In old-Iranian mythology, a creature that acts as the judge of the dead. His name means something like 'he with the scales'. He weighs the souls of the departed and/or their deeds and determines accordingly if they are to be send to heaven or to the underworld. Among the ancient peoples of southern Iraq and southwest Iran, Abathur personifies the 'third life'.

Rakefet Dictionary

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Abathur (Gnostic) [from Hebrew 'ab father] In the Nazarene or Bardesanian system, the father of the Demiurgus or architect of the visible universe. In the Codex Nazaraeus, Abathur opens a gate, walks to the dark water (chaos), and looks down into it. The darkness reflects his image, and a son is formed who becomes the Logos or Demiurge, Ptahil or Fetahil. After Ptahil finishes his work he reascends to his father.
Abathur, a mystery-figure, is sometimes called the Third Life, equivalent to the Third Logos because first of the third triad of "lives" in the Nazarene system, which correspond to the three Logoi. He is analogous to the Ancient of Days of the Qabbalah, the Hindu Narayana, and the Christian Holy Spirit, while his ideal counterpart is Abathur Rama (lofty Abathur). As weigher of souls after death, Abathur is equated with Thoth, lord of the scales in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

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