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Barddas is book of material compiled and written by the Welsh writer and literary forger Iolo Morganwg. Though purported to be an authentic compilation of ancient Welsh bardic and druidic theology and lore, its contents are largely Iolo's own invention. The work was published by John Williams for the Welsh Manuscripts Society in two volumes, 1862 and 1874.

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Abred (Welsh) Inchoation; the cycle of inchoation. The lowest of the three cycles of existence in Druidism, including the human kingdom and probably the animal and vegetable: "the Cycle of Abred, in which are all embodied and dead existences" (Bard p. ?). Abred has four stages: Annwn, Obryn, Cydfil, and Dyndeb. Hawl yr ail (the second examination) reads:
Q. Whence didst thou proceed? and what is thy beginning? A. I came from the Great World, having my beginning in Annwn. Q. Where art thou now? and how camest thou to where thou art? A. I am in the Little World, whither I came, having traversed the circle of Abred, and now I am a man at its termination and extreme limits. Q. What wert thou before thou didst become a man in the circle of Abred? A. I was in Annwn the least possible that was capable of life, and the nearest possible to absolute death, and I came in every form, and through every form capable of a body and life, to the state of man along the circle of Abred, where my condition was severe and grievous during the age of ages, ever since I was parted in Annwn from the dead, . . . Q. Through how many forms didst thou come? . . . A. Through every form capable of life, in water, in earth, and in air. (Bard 227).

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