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Abstand and ausbau languages
The framework of abstand and ausbau languages is a tool used in sociolinguistics to analyse and categorise the distinctiveness of related language varietiesHeinz Kloss coined the German terms Abstandsprache (literally: "distance language") and Ausbausprache (literally: "elaboration language," i.e. developed and standardized language) in 1952 to denote two separate and largely independent sets of criteria and arguments for deeming a variety to be an independent "language" rather than a "dialect": one linguistic, based on its objective structural properties, and the other sociological, based on its social and/or political functions.

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Abstand (der)
nm. gap, hiatus; space; great difference, disparity; interval, space of time between two events or actions, pause, intermission, space between two periods of time

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m distance
m gap
clearance; backlash; slackness; spacing

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