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Abu al-Atahiya

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Abū l-ʻAtāhiyya (أبو العتاهية, full name Abu Isħaq Ismā'īl ibn Qāsim al-ʻAnazī إسماعيل بن القاسم (العنزي، بن سويد العيني) Abu l-'Atahiyya (748-828) was an Arab poet born at 'Aynu t-Tamar in the Iraqi desert, near al-Anbar. His ancestors were of the tribe of ʻAnaza. His youth was spent in Kufa, where he was engaged for some time in selling pottery. Moving to Baghdad, he continued his business there, but became famous for his verses, especially for those addressed to ʻUtba, a concubine of the Abbasid Caliph al-Mahdi. His love was unrequited, although al-Mahdi, and after him Caliph ar-Rashīd, interceded for him. Having offended the caliph, he was imprisoned for a short time.

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Abu al-Atahiya

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Abu al-Atahiya
Abu al-Atahiya, född omkring 747 och död omkring 825, var en arabisk religiös poet.

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