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BTS Transportation Expressions Dictionary

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An occurrence involving a commercial motor vehicle operating on a public road which results in one of the following: a fatality; bodily injury to a person, who as a result of the injury, immediately receives medical treatment away from the scene of the accident; or one or more motor vehicles incurring disabling damage as a result of the accident, requiring the vehicle to be transported away from the scene by a tow truck or other vehicle. It does not include: an occurrence involving only boarding and alighting from a stationary motor vehicle; an occurrence involving only the loading or unloading of cargo; or an occurrence in the course of the operation of a passenger car or a multipurpose passenger vehicle, as defined in 49 CFR 571.3, by a motor carrier and is not transporting passengers for hire or hazardous materials of a type and quantity that require the motor vehicle to be marked or placarded in accordance with 49 CFR 177.823. (49CFR390)