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Accident Incident

BTS Transportation Expressions Dictionary

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1) Any impact between railroad on-track equipment and an automobile, bus, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, farm vehicle or pedestrian at a rail-highway grade crossing; 2) Any collision, derailment, fire, explosion, act of God, or other event involving operation of railroad on-track equipment (standing or moving) that results in more than $6,300 in damages to railroad on-track equipment, signals, track, track structures, and road-bed; 3) Any event arising from the operation of a railroad which results in: i) Death of one or more persons; ii) Injury to one or more persons, other than railroad employees, that requires medical treatment; iii) Injury to one or more employees that requires medical treatment or results in restriction of work or motion for one or more days, one or more lost work days, transfer to another job, termination of employment, or loss of consciousness; or iv) Occupational illness of a railroad employee as diagnosed by a physician. (49CFR225)