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Aceros is a genus of large south-east Asian hornbills (Bucerotidae family). This genus sometimes includes all species generally placed in the genus Rhyticeros. Alternatively, Aceros has been considered monotypic, only including the rufous-necked hornbill, in which case all of the remaining are moved to the Rhyticeros. Additionally, the white-crowned hornbill is sometimes placed in this genus, but most now place it in Berenicornis instead.

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nm. steel, hard and strong metal alloy made up of iron and carbon (used for making knives, machines, etc.); object made of steel

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = steel.
Ex: Steel, for example, is one kind of metal.
* acero adamascado = damask steel.
* acero cepillado = brushed steel.
* acero damasquinado = damask steel.
* acero de Damasco = damask steel ; Damascus steel.
* acero esmaltado = enamel steel.
* acero inoxidable = stainless steel.
* acero pulido = brushed steel.
* acero templado = tempered steel.
* azul acero = steel blue.
* buril de acero = steel point.
* cable de acero = wire rope ; steel rope cable ; steel rope ; steel cable.
* chapa de acero = steel sheet.
* Comunidad Europea del Carbón y el Acero (CECA) = European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC).
* con estructura de acero = steel-framed.
* de color azul acero = steel blue.
* de estructura de acero = steel-framed.
* fabricación de acero = steelmaking [steel making].
* fábrica de laminación de acero = steel mill.
* fundición de acero = steelmaking [steel making].
* grabado en acero = steel engraving.
* industria del acero = steel industry.
* nervios de acero = nerves of steel.
* planta de laminación de acero = steel mill.
* telón de acero, el = iron curtain, the.

Latin - English Inflected

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acerus, acera, acerum
adj. without wax; [mel ~ => honey flowing spontaneously from the comb]; 

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