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n. descendant of Adam; person, human; nudist; member of a sect of visionaries who imitates the state of Adam and prefers to walk around naked; type of green fluorescent mineral

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Adamite is a zinc arsenate hydroxide mineralZn2AsO4OH. It is a mineral that typically occurs in the oxidized or weathered zone above zinc ore occurrences. Pure adamite is colorless, but usually it possess yellow color due to Fe compounds admixture. Tints of green also occur and are connected with copper substitutions in the mineral structure. Olivenite is a copper arsenate that is isostructural with adamite and there is considerable substitution between zinc and copper resulting in an intermediate called cuproadamite. Zincolivenite is a recently discovered mineral being an intermediate mineral with formula CuZn(AsO4)(OH). Manganesecobalt, and nickel also substitute in the structure. An analogous zinc phosphate, tarbuttite, is known.

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adj. adamitic
nf. adamite

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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One of a sect of visionaries, who, professing to imitate the state of Adam, discarded the use of dress in their assemblies.
A descendant of Adam; a human being.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913), edited by Noah Porter. About

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General Information:
 Chemical Formula:
(Molecular Weight = 286.71 gm)
Zinc 45.61 % Zn
Arsenic 26.13 % As
Hydrogen 0.35 % 
Oxygen 27.90 % 
 Empirical Formula:
TL: Chile, Atacama, Cha¤arcillo
 Name Origin:
Named after the French mineralogist Gilbert Joseph Adam (1795-1881).
Physical Properties:
[101] Good, [010] Poor
yellow, green, violet, pink, or yellowish green.
4.3 - 4.5, Average = 4.4
Tabular - Form dimensions are thin in one direction., Druse - Crystal growth in a cavity which results in numerous crystal tipped surfaces., Encrustations - Forms crust-like aggregate s on matrix.
3.5 - Copper Penny
Fluorescent and phosphorescent.
Vitreous - Resinous
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