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Aerugite is a rare complex nickel arsenate mineral with a variably reported formula: Ni9(AsO4)2AsO6. It forms green to deep blue-green trigonal crystals. It has a Mohs hardness of 4 and a specific gravity of 5.85 to 5.95.

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General Information:
 Chemical Formula:
([ ],Ni)9(AsO4)2(AsO6) (?)
(Molecular Weight = 976.97 gm)
Nickel 54.07 % Ni
Arsenic 23.01 % As
Oxygen 22.93 % 
 Empirical Formula:
Found in the walls of furnaces used to roast ore.
 IMA Status:
Approved IMA 1965
TL: South Terres mine, St Austell, Cornwall, England.
 Name Origin:
Named from the Greek for 'copper rust', in allusion to its appearance.
Physical Properties:
deep blue green or green.
5.85 - 5.95, Average = 5.9
Massive - Uniformly indistinguishable crystals forming large masses., Euhedral Crystals - Occurs as well-formed crystals showing good external form., Encrustations - Forms crust-like aggregates on matrix.
4 - Fluorite
greenish white
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