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Affected party

Contratos, Construção Naval e Petróleo

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Parte Afetada
s. Affected Party

Biology Glossary

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affected party
شخص/طرف/گروه مبتلا/متاثر

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Affected party
Description: Affected Party means the Contracting Party or Parties to this Convention likely to be affected by the transboundary impact of a proposed activity.
Source: Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context

Description: Affected State means the State under whose jurisdiction or control the transboundary harm arises.
Source: ILC Draft Articles on Liability for Injurious Consequences of Acts Not Prohibited by International Law

Description: The «Affected Party» means any Party or Parties affected or likely to be affected by the transboundary transfer or release of living modified organisms or products thereof.
Source: African Group

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