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Airyanmen Vaeja2

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Airyanmen Vaeja2
In Persian legend, the serpent appeared in Airyanem Vaejo and by his venom transformed the beautiful, eternal spring into winter, generating disease and death. Interpreting this geologically and astronomically, "every occultist knows that the Serpent alluded to is the north pole, as also the pole of the heavens. The latter produces the seasons according to the angle at which it penetrates the centre of this earth. The two axes were no more parallel; hence the eternal spring of Airyana-Vaego by the good river Daitya had disappeared, and 'the Aryan magi had to emigrate to Sagdiani' -- say exoteric accounts. But the esoteric teaching states that the pole had passed through the equator, and that the 'land of bliss' of the Fourth Race, its inheritance from the Third, had now become the region of desolation and woe. This alone ought to be an incontrovertible proof of the great antiquity of the Zoroastrian Scriptures" (SD 2:356).