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Airyanmen vaeja

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Airyanmen Vaeja
Airyanmen Vaeja, Airyena-Vaegah, Airyana-Vaeja (Avestan) Airyam-Veg (Pahlavi) "The Aryans (the noble ones) are said in the Avesta to have had their original home in the far land of Airyana Vaeja (the cradle land of the Aryans), the first among the lands created by Mazda. It was at the center of the earth and in its very center stood the mountain Harabareza. This corresponds with the Hindu descriptions of the Land of the Gods with Mount Meru at its center" (Taraporewala, The Religion of Zarathushtra). The Aryans divided the universe into seven regions or keshvars:
1) Arzah or Arzahe;
2) Shabah, Sava-Cavahe;
3) Fradadafsh, Fradadhfsha;
4) Vidadafsh, Vidadahfshu;
5) Vorubarst, Vourubaresti;
6) Vorugarst, Vourujaresti, Vouruzaresti; and
7) Khvanuras, Ganiratha, Hvaniratha.
The seventh land is situated in the middle of the other six. According to the introduction of Abu-Mansouri's Shah-Nameh (the older Shah-Nameh), the seventh land, which the kings named Iran-Shahr (Airya-Vaeja) is also in the middle of the other six.
Airyanem Vaejo is the primeval land of innocence and bliss of the Vendidad, similar to the Sveta-dvipa (white island) of Puranic literature or to Mount Meru. In this "beautiful land," by the river Daitya, "the stars, the moon, and the sun are only once (a year) seen to rise and set" (Vendidad). Blavatsky equates it with the cradleland of physical humanity, and locates it in Central Asia. It is identical to Sambhala and to Arghya Varsha from which the Kalki avatara is expected (SD 2:416; BCW 4:526-7).
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