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n. Arabic family name

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n. Alabas, Arabic family name

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v. applaud, laud; praise, extol

Mustafa YILDIZ's Turkish to English Dictionary

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(v.) = worship ; laud ; hold + Nombre + up for praise ; praise ; sing + Posesivo + praises ; toady ; fawn (on/upon/over).
Ex: The article concludes that librarians should not worship communication but they should practice it.
Ex: Libraries are also lauded for providing other public services with economic benefits.
Ex: Politicians give us many reasons to worry, and I don't usually hold them up for public praise.
Ex: In spite of their protestations to the contrary, most bosses prefer subordinates whom they get along with, who cause them no anxiety, who quietly accept their decisions, who praise them.
Ex: Frustrated devotees had been singing his praises for years, to no avail.
Ex: The function of journalism is not to toady to those in power but to challenge them.
Ex: Presumably they do so in the hope of being tossed some meaningless bauble of an honour when they have fawned enough.
* alabar de boquilla = give + lip service.
* que se alaba a uno mismo = self-congratulatory.

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