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Alacránite (As8S9) is an arsenic sulfide mineral first discovered in the Uzon calderaKamchatkaRussia. It was named for its occurrence in the Alacrán silverarsenicantimony mine, Pampa Larga, Chile. It is generally more rare than realgar and orpiment. Its origin is hydrothermal. It occurs as subhedral to euhedral tabular orange to pale gray crystals that are transparent to translucent. It has a yellow-orange streak with a hardness of 1.5. It crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system. It occurs with realgar and uzonite as flattened and prismatic grains up to 0.5 mm across.

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General Information:
 Chemical Formula:
(Molecular Weight = 887.97 gm)
Arsenic 67.50 % As
Sulfur 32.50 % 
 Empirical Formula:
 IMA Status:
Approved IMA 1984
TL: Chile, Alacran, Pampa Larga
Physical Properties:
[???] Indistinct
red or orange yellow.
3.4 - 3.46, Average = 3.43
1.5 - Between Talc and Gypsum
Adamantine - Greasy
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