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Alarsite (AlAsO4) is an aluminium  arsenate mineral with its name derived from its composition: aluminium and arsenate. It occurs as brittle subhedral grains which exhibit trigonal symmetry. It has a Mohs hardness of 5-5.5 and a specific gravity of 3.32. It is semitransparent, colorless with pale yellow tints and shows a vitreous luster. It is optically uniaxial (+) with refractive indices of nω = 1.596 and nε = 1.608.

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General Information:
 Chemical Formula:
(Molecular Weight = 165.90 gm)
Aluminum 16.26 % Al
Arsenic 45.16 % As
Oxygen 38.58 % 
 Empirical Formula:
A product of fumarolic exhalations.
 IMA Status:
Approved IMA (Dana # Added)
TL: The Tolbachik Main fracture eruption, Kamchatka, Russia.
 Name Origin:
Named from its chemical composition of Aluminum and Arsenic.
Physical Properties:
colorless, yellowish, pale green, or bluish.
3.32 - 3.35, Average = 3.33
Encrustations - Forms crust-like aggregates on matrix., Anhedral Grains - Granular minerals without the expression of crystal shapes,
3 - Calcite
Vitreous (Glassy)
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