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Altazimuth mounting

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Altazimuth mount
An altazimuth or alt-azimuth mount is a simple two-axis mount for supporting and rotating an instrument about two mutually perpendicular axes – one vertical and the other horizontal. Rotation about the vertical axis varies the azimuth (compass bearing) of the pointing direction of the instrument. Rotation about the horizontal axis varies the altitude (angle of elevation) of the pointing direction.

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Altazimuth mounting
A method of mounting a telescope using two rotation axes, one of which is parallel to the horizon, the other of which is perpendicular. This is the simplest movable mounting for a telescope. To track stars, as they appear to move across the celestial sphere, because of the rotation of the Earth, altazimuth mountings must be driven about both axes. Equatorial mountings are a better design since they only need to be driven about one axis. However, these are more expensive to build and so altazimuth mountings still find a place in professional astronomy. See also altitude, azimuth.

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