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Amesha spentas

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Amesha Spenta
() is an Avestan language term for a class of divine entities in Zoroastrianism and literally means "Immortal (which is) holy" The name Later Middle Persian variations of the term include the contraction 'Ameshaspand' as well as the specifically Zoroastrian 'Mahraspand' and 'Amahraspand'.

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Encyclopedia Mythica Dictionary

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Amesha Spentas
[Persian] The name of the seven divine beings who belong to the retinue of the highest god, Ahura Mazda. The Amesha Spentas ("beneficent immortals"), come directly after him in the hierarchy of gods, and can be compared with archangels. They are gods without being gods and creatures without being creatures. Together they fight for truth and justice. The Amesha Spentas all have one of the archfiends, the Daevas, as their eternal opponent and enemy. The deities of the Amesha Spentas are: Ameretat, Armaiti, Asha vahishta, Haurvatat, Khshathra vairya, Sraosa and Vohu Manah.

Rakefet Dictionary

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Amesha-Spentas (Avestan) [from a not + mesha, mara mortal, mutable + spenta benefactor, holy, soul-healing; cf Sanskrit svanta] Immortal benefactors; six in number: Vohu-Manah, Asha-Vahishta, Khshathra-Vayria, Spenta-Armaiti (love), Haurvatat (perfection), and Ameretat (immortality). The first three are attributes of Ahura Mazda, abstractions without form. These male positive creative forces leave their impressions in the mental world and give birth to the second trinity, who lead man to freedom. "The Amshaspends, [are] our Dhyan-Chohans or the 'Serpents of Wisdom.' They are identical with, and yet separate from Ormazd (Ahura-Mazda). They are also the Angels of the Stars of the Christians -- the Star-yazatas of the Zoroastrians -- or again the seven planets (including the sun) of every religion. The epithet -- 'the shining having efficacious eyes' -- proves it. This on the physical and sidereal planes. On the spiritual, they are the divine powers of Ahura-Mazda; but on the astral or psychic plane again, they are the 'Builders,' the 'watchers,' the Pitar (fathers), and the first Preceptors of mankind" (SD 2:358). "Zarathushtra is the Divine Universal Force that directs everything within the universe towards perfection. This force is known as Amesha-Spenta" (Shahrestani, Al-Melal Va Al-Nehal). This force is equivalent to the Gnostic primeval ruler or governor, the closest being to the creator; the active mind or intellect which is the source of divine bliss and providence, with the Manichaen pure or holy spirits; the Hebrew elohim, the Arabic Malaeka (angels); the Koranic soul within the angels; and the theosophic dhyani-chohans or dhyani-buddhas. They are the rulers of the seven globes of the earth-chain.
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