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Anglican Churches

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Anglican Communion
The Anglican Communion is an international association of independent churches consisting of the Church of England and of national and regional Anglican churches in full communion with it. The status of full communion means, ideally, that there is mutual agreement on essential doctrines and that full participation in the sacramental life of each church is available to all communicant Anglicans.

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Anglican Churches
The Anglican Church was founded in England in early sixteenth century (the early Reformation period) when King Henry broke with the Catholic Church in order to divorce his wife. Although Henry himself had no Protestant leanings, his successor King Edward brought a great deal of Protestant theology into the Anglican Church. Like the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church is hierarchichal; its leader is the King or Queen of England while its spiritual head is the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Anglican belief has traveled well, with large communities in many different countries. In the United States, the Episcopal Church is a branch of Anglicanism and is considered one of the largest four or five protestant denominations .

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