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Arm Harness-Cont.

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Arm Harness-Cont.
- 1360 Couter is pointed in shape and is generally articulated with two or three lames , but sometimes no lames are present, generally attributed to Italian workshops as opposed to the German method of attaching the couter via internal leather straps.
- 1360 Disc-shaped couter wings give way to heart-shaped wings.
- 1360 Tulip-shaped vambraces formed in Italian examples, bulging to match the form of the forearm muscle and flared to accommodate the wrist.
- ~1360s developed the sliding vambrace that could turn in the articulation to accommodate a greater range of arm movement and a reinforce was sometimes added to the vambrace just ahead of the couter 
- ~1395 development of the pauldron , where the spaulder was enlarged to cover more of the armpit and part of the back and chest.