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n. member of or descended from a people who spoke Indo-European languages; non-Jewish Caucasian (according to Nazi doctrine)

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Aryan (disambiguation)
Aryan is a term expressing various ethno-linguistic or racial concepts.

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Arya (Sanskrit) [from the verbal root ri to rise, tend upward] Holy, hallowed, highly evolved or especially trained; a title of the Hindu rishis. Originally a term of ethical as well as intellectual and spiritual excellence, belonging to those who had completely mastered the aryasatyani (holy truths) and who had entered upon the aryamarga (path leading to moksha or nirvana). It was originally applicable only to the initiates or adepts of the ancient Aryan peoples, but today Aryan has become the name of a race of the human family in its various branches. All ancient peoples had their own term for initiates or adepts, as for instance among the ancient Hebrews the generic name Israel, or Sons of Israel.
Also applied as a title by the ancient Hindus to themselves in distinction from the peoples whom they had conquered.

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A group of people who emigrated from the west into the upper Indus Valley and the nearby territory around 1500 bce. They conquered the Dravidians and established what is now termed the Vedic culture.

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