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adj. embarrassed; troubled by guilty feelings

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Shame is a painful, social emotion that can be seen as resulting "...from comparison of the self's action with the self's standards...". but which may equally stem from comparison of the self's state of being with the ideal social context's standard. Thus, shame may stem from volitional action or simply self-regard; no action by the shamed being is required: simply existing is enough. Both the comparison and standards are enabled by socialization. Though usually considered an emotion, shame may also variously be considered an affectcognitionstate, or condition.

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1. used of persons; feeling shame or guilt or embarrassment or remorse; "are you ashamed for having lied?"; "felt ashamed of my torn coat"
(synonym) ashamed(p)
(antonym) unashamed
(similar) discredited, disgraced, dishonored, shamed
(see-also) penitent, repentant

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pří stydět se

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Przym. wstydzić się

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