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Ashmogh (Pahlavi) Demon with disheveled hair of the race of wrath; Ahriman's disciple who encourages Azhi-Dahak (Bevar-Aspa) to rise up in order to destroy mankind and shouts: "Now it is nine thousand years that Fereydun is not living; why do you not rise up, although thy fetters are not removed, when this world is full of people and they have brought them the enclosure which Yima formed?" (SBE 5:234).
Also a dragon or serpent in the Avesta, described as a huge monster with a camel's neck, which after the Fall "lost its nature and its name"; similar to the flying camel of the Zohar -- the serpent used by Shamael to seduce Eve (SD 2:205). See also Ashemogha