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Atash, Atash-Azar (Persian), Atur (Pahlavi), Atar (Avestan) Fire; the name of the ninth day of the month of the ancient Iranian calendar as well as the ninth month of the year (Sagittarius). Zoroaster uses the term in the Gathas in the sense of the life-giving force or the spiritual nature of the eternal truth. It is this fire which guides the universe as well as the individual towards its destiny -- perfection.
In the ancient Aryan faith, atash has three qualities and sometimes is called trishazashta (fire of the three stations). These stations are named: Azar-borzin-Mehr, Azar-Faranbagh or Azar-Khordad, and Azar-Goshnasp. In later Avestic literature five different fires have been named:
1)Brezisevangha (beneficent fire of the high) spiritual fire;
2) Vohu-Fryana (fire of instinct) animal fire;
3) Urvazishta (fire of life, most beneficial fire) vegetation fire;
4) Vazishta (celestial fire of heavenly bodies) the most supporting fire; and
5) Spenishta (holy fire or paradisical fire) the most bountiful fire (Yasna 17, 11).
There have been seven commonly accepted fire temples named after the seven heavenly bodies:
1) Azar-Mehr (Mithra's fire);
2) Azar-Noush (fire of sweetness, healing) symbolizing Ab-e-Hayat or Water of Life;
3) Azar-Bahram (fire of victory) symbolizing creation of light;
4) Azar-Aeen or Azar Abteen (Apam-Napata, the universal self or the fire of glory that the son of the waters wishes to seize);
5) Azar-Khorin (the rule of the sun) symbolizing perfection;
6) Azar-Borzin (fire of the high); and
7) Azar-Zartusht (fire of Zoroaster, the eternal light).

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