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Atomic weight

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atomic weight
weight of one atom of a particular element (one unit of weight is equal to 1/12 of the weight of a carbon-12 atom)

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Relative atomic mass
Relative atomic mass (symbol: A) is a dimensionless physical quantity, the ratio of the average mass of atoms of an element (from a single given sample or source) to of the mass of an atom of carbon-12 (known as the unified atomic mass unit). The relative atomic mass is a statistical term, referring to an abundance-weighted figure involving measurement of many atoms. As in all related terms, the word "relative" refers to making the figure relative to carbon-12, so that the final figure is dimensionless.

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atomic weight

1. (chemistry) the ratio of the atomic mass of an element to half the atomic mass of carbon-12
(synonym) relative atomic mass
(hypernym) mass
(hyponym) equivalent, equivalent weight, combining weight, eq
(classification) chemistry, chemical science

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Atomic Weight
the weight of an atom of a specific element where one atomic weight unit is defined as the weight of 1/12 of a carbon 12 Atom.

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Atomic weight
The average weight (or mass) of all the isotopes of an element, as determined from the proportions in which they are present in a given element, compared with the mass of the 12 isotope of carbon (taken as precisely 12.000), that is the official international standard; measured in daltons.

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