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CTS (Clear To Send)
(Data Communications) signal that gives a modem permission to send data

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Cts or CTS may refer to:
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CTS (Centro Turistico Studentesco e Giovanile)
Youth Tourist Centre

The Glossary of the American Council on Science and Health

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carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)
An inflammatory disorder that affects the carpal (wrist) part of a specific nerve. A characteristic of CTS is pain in the hand at night with normal functioning of the little finger (because that digit does not contain a branch of the affected nerve). Repetitive stress, physical trauma, certain diseases, or specific hereditary conditions can inflame the sheaths that surround wrist tendons. With the swelling of small blood vessels, pressure increases on the nerve and impairs its functioning; numbness, pain, and a loss of manual dexterity result. Treatment of CTS usually consists of rest, splinting of the wrist, and the administration of anti-inflammatory drugs. Severe cases require surgery to relieve the pressure.

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Coolant Temperature Sensor

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