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nf. rope, cord; string; chord; tether, lead; pull
adj. sane; rational; right
nm. judicious person; reasonable person

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = cordage.
Ex: Every project in this book is made by knotting together some type of cordage.
(n.) = cord ; rope ; string ; halter ; twine ; tether.
Ex: The cord which trips its shutter may reach down a man's sleeve within easy reach of his fingers.
Ex: The second title may be indexed under: wire, rope, lubrication, corrosion, protection.
Ex: For example, violins, cellos, harps, guitars and lutes are all musical instruments which produce sound through the bowing or plucking of strings.
Ex: The author studies medieval representations of Saint Anthony Abbot and his accompanying piglet on a halter.
Ex: This type of twine is thick and strong enough for most necklaces and bracelets, but still thin enough to accomodate many different bead sizes.
Ex: We used to put our kitties on a tether and let them explore the back yard, but not for hours on end.
* andar por la cuerda floja = walk + the tight wire ; walk + the tightrope.
* caminar por la cuerda floja = walk + a tightrope ; walk + the tightrope ; walk + the tight wire.
* contra las cuerdas = against the ropes.
* cuerda de colgar la ropa = clothesline [clothes line].
* cuerda de remolque = towrope.
* cuerda de saltar = skipping rope ; skip rope ; jump rope.
* cuerda de tender = clothesline [clothes line] ; washing line.
* cuerda de tender la ropa = washing line ; clothesline [clothes line].
* cuerda floja = tightrope [tight-rope].
* cuerdas = cordage.
* cuerda Sol = G-string.
* cuerdas vocales = vocal cords.
* dar cuerda a un caballo = lunge + a horse.
* dar cuerda a un reloj = wind + clock.
* desenrollar la cuerda = pay out + rope.
* escalera de cuerda = Jacob's ladder.
* estar contra las cuerdas = be against the ropes ; be on the ropes.
* instrumento de cuerda = stringed instrument (string instrument) ; string instrument [stringed instrument].
* juguete de cuerda = clockwork toy.
* mecanismo de cuerda = clockwork.
* orquesta de cuerda = string orchestra.
* poner a Alguien contra las cuerdas = put + Nombre + on the spot.
* soltar cuerda = pay out + rope.
* tener cuerda para largo = never + hear + the end/last of it.
* tener cuerda para rato = have + (still) a long way to go ; never + hear + the end/last of it.
* trabajar un caballo a la cuerda = lunge + a horse.

= sane ; mentally fit.
Ex: Democracy to be sane must be desired by a people qualified by their own understanding to judge it and shape its course.
Ex: A panel of three psychiatrists has found Payton Rapozo mentally fit to stand trial for murder.
* estar cuerdo = have all + Posesivo + buttons ; have all + Posesivo + marbles.

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