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D class blimp

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D-class blimp
The D class blimp was a patrol airship designed by the US Navy in the early 1920s. The D-type blimps were slightly larger than the C-type and had many detail improvements. The Navy continued the practice of dividing the envelop production between Goodyear and Goodrich. The control cars were manufactured by the Naval Aircraft Factory. The major improvements were a better control car design. The engines were moved to the rear to reduce noise and allow better communications between crew members. The fuel tanks were suspended from the sides of the envelope. The envelope was identical to the C-type, except an additional six foot panel was inserted for a total length of and a volume of . The last of the D-Class, D-6, had an different control car designed by Leroy Grumman who later founded the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation.

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