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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(v.) = knock out ; tear down ; smash ; pull down ; topple ; bulldoze ; knock down ; fell ; raze ; lay + Nombre + low ; blow over ; smash down ; crash + Nombre + to the ground ; bring down ; take + Alguien + down.
Ex: Two years ago Hurricane Hugo nearly knocked out Charleston.
Ex: A group opposing the incumbent alderman decided that the board's feasibility study amounted to a covert plan to tear down the house that served as the library and erect an ugly building.
Ex: The library was badly vandalised and the intruders overturned 10 large bookcases, tore paintings down, emptied catalogues, and smashed intercoms, chairs, tables and windows.
Ex: Evacuation of the building was followed by a recovery process which included covering stacks with plastic, locating damaged books, pulling down water-soaked ceiling tiles and removing computer terminals.
Ex: The latest opinion polls show that 48 percent of Americans would back the use of armed force to topple Saddam Hussein.
Ex: Nothing is left except debris and there remains nothing to salvage: only to bulldoze, clear and throw into rubbish dumps.
Ex: Your note attempts to knock down an assertion not made.
Ex: In this study, thirty-four-year-old chestnut trees were felled, measured and weighed to evaluate their aboveground biomass.
Ex: The motel, which was built in 1953, will be razed to make way for a parking lot.
Ex: She suffered frequent flare-ups of widespread inflammation that would lay her low for days on end.
Ex: A breeze caught the sails and blew it over -- the ship spent more than 300 years at the bottom of the harbor.
Ex: While Pound was smashing down the front door, Eliot entered by the back door and made off with the swag.
Ex: Over the last year he has pushed her around, fed her false truths, built up her hopes then crashed them to the ground.
Ex: I've been reading shocking 'reports' for several days now explaining that 'malware brought down a Spanish jet'.
Ex: As I turned a cyclist came from nowhere and I was inches from knocking him over and if not for a slam on the brakes, I'd have taken him down.
* derribar a Alguien de un golpe = knock + Nombre + to the ground ; knock + Nombre + to the floor.
* derribar a patadas = kick in.
* derribar completamente = raze + Nombre + to the ground.
* derribar de un golpe = deck.
* derribar una barrera = topple + barrier.

English Spanish dictionary by Jaime Aguirre

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Shot down

Babylon Spanish English dictionary

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adj. laid, fallen down; felled
v. knock down, cause to fall over; demolish; upset, overturn; overthrow; fell; subdue, gain control over
v. collapse, fall in, suddenly fall apart; throw oneself down; prostrate oneself

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v. knock down, overthrow, cause to fall down, throw down, drop, make fall; subjugate, conquer

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