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In chemistry and biology a disulfide refers to a functional group with the general structure R–S–S–R. The linkage is also called an SS-bond or a disulfide bridge and is usually derived by the coupling of two thiol groups. In formal terms, the connection is a persulfide, in analogy to its congenerperoxide (R–O–O–R), but this terminology is rarely used, except in reference to hydrodisulfides (R–S–S–H or H–S–S–H compounds).

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Disulfide sind chemische Verbindungen, die zwei aneinander gebundene Schwefelatome enthalten.

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Een zwavelbrug of disulfidebrug (S-S) is een sterke covalente binding, die normaliter ontstaan is door reactie tussen twee thiolgroepen.

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Disulfidi-ioni on kemiassa kahden rikkiatomin muodostama, –2 varauksen omaava, anioni (S2)2–. Disulfidi voi tarkoittaa myös kemiallista yhdistettä, joka sisältää disulfidi-ionin tai kaksi, usein toisiinsa sitoutunutta, rikkiatomia.


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disulfide bond 二硫键

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