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Economic rent

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Economic rent
In economics, economic rent is any payment to a factor of production in excess of the cost needed to bring that factor into production. In classical economics, economic rent is any payment made (including imputed value) or benefit received for non-produced inputs such as location (land) and for assets formed by creating official privilege over natural opportunities (e.g., patents). In neoclassical economics, economic rent also includes income gained by beneficiaries of other contrived exclusivity, such as labor guilds and unofficial corruption.

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Une rente est, pour un particulier, une somme fixée à l'avance reçue périodiquement (par exemple chaque mois ou chaque année), pour une durée fixée d'avance (rente certaine) ou, éventuellement, pour le reste de sa vie (rente viagère), provenant du patrimoine de ce particulier. Une rente est également définie de façon plus générale comme le revenu provenant d'un patrimoine.

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economic rent

اجاره اقتصادى ،بهره مالکانه
قانون ـ فقه : بهره مالکانه
بازرگانى : بهره اقتصادى

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Rente er kostnaden for kapital. Renten kan bestå av opptil tre deler:
  • Godtgjørelse for å stille kapital til disposisjon
  • Risikopremie som gir låner en ekstra bonus for å ta på seg risiko
  • Godgjørelse for inflasjon.

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economic rent
اجاره اقتصادى ، بهره مالکانه
{قانون و فقه}: بهره مالکانه
{بازرگانى}: بهره اقتصادى

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