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Effusive Eruption

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Effusive eruption
An effusive eruption is a type of volcanic eruption in which lava steadily flows out of a volcano onto the ground. Effusive eruption differs from explosive eruption, wherein magma is violently fragmented when expelled from a volcano. The shape of the lava flows created by effusive eruptions is governed by the type of lava, rate and duration of eruption, and slope of the surrounding areas.

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Effusion (Vulkanismus)
Effusion (lat. effusio, Ausgießung) oder effusive Vulkantätigkeit ist im Vulkanismus neben der Ejektion einer der beiden Haupttypen von Vulkanausbrüchen.

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effusive eruption
effusive mass 喷发体

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Effusive eruption
A relative quiet volcanic eruption which puts out basaltic lava that moves at about the speed one walks. The lava is fluid in nature. The eruptions at the Kilauea volcano on the island of Hawaii are effusive

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