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Romani people in Spain
The Romani people in Spain are generally known as gitanos . Spanish Romanies belong to the Iberian Kale group, with smaller populations in Portugal (known as ciganos), in southern France. They tend to speak Caló, which basically encompasses a range of regional dialects of Spanish with numerous Romani loan words and mannerisms. Nevertheless, to varying degrees, they identify with Andalusian culture and music due to the large gitano population present in that region. Data on ethnicity is not collected in Spain, although the Government's statistical agency CIS estimated in 2007 that the number of Gitanos present in Spain is probably around one million.

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adj. Gypsy, of or pertaining to the Gypsy people; of or pertaining to the language of the Gypsy people; Romany, pertaining to the Gypsies
nm. gypsy, member of a nomadic people originally from India

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gitano (m)
n. Romany, Gypsy, member of a nomadic Indian people who immigrated to Europe and North America during the 15th-18th centuries

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = gypsy [gipsy] ; gippo [gyppo].
Ex: For instance: rhyme is still RIME; gypsy is spelled G-I-P -- most of us are instructed to spell it 'g-y-p'.
Ex: As a child he was bullied at school and called 'gippos'.
* brazo (de) gitano = roly-poly pudding ; roly-poly.
* gente de etnia gitana = Roma people ; Romani people.

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