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Geocentric Theory

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Geocentric model
In astronomy, the geocentric model (also known as geocentrism, or the Ptolemaic system) is a description of the cosmos where Earth is at the orbital center of all celestial bodies. This model served as the predominant cosmological system in many ancient civilizations such as ancient Greece including the noteworthy systems of Aristotle (see Aristotelian physics) and Ptolemy. As such, they believed that the SunMoonstars, and naked eye planets circled Earth.

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Geocentric Theory
Geocentric Theory A theory in which the earth is regarded as being at the center of the solar system, usually referring to the system of Claudius Ptolemy. In accordance with ancient teachings, Ptolemy represents the earth as surrounded by ten concentric spheres: those of water, air (or fire), Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the stars. To account for the actual irregularities of the planetary motions, he introduced eccentrics and epicycles as corrections, and by this means the system, though complicated, is workable. The heliocentric theory reduces the complication and anomaly to order and regularity. However, since we are living on the earth, and our consciousness is functioning on the corresponding plane, there is considerable justification for the adoption of a geocentric theory; and this may have been done for exoteric purposes by those who were actually aware of the heliocentric theory.

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