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Glied (das)
n. limb, projecting appendage of the body, arm, leg, wing; large or main branch of a tree; member, individual belonging to an organization or group, part, organ, appendage; link

Reuter Medizin (by Peter Reuter)

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(nt) 1. (anatom.) limb, extremity; member, part,
membrum 2. penis, virile member, priapus, member,
thyrsus, (erigiert) phallus 3. (Kette) link; (techn.) ring,
link . 
distales Glied
 distal phalanx, ungual phalanx . 
erigiertes männliches Glied
 phallus . 
mittleres Glied
 middle phalanx . 
männliches Glied
 penis, virile member, priapus, mem-
ber, thyrsus, (erigiert) phallus . 
proximales Glied
 proximal phalanx . 

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Neue Deutsch-Chinesisch Wörterbuch

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(n) -er ①(整体中的)一部分,一环节 ②(集体中的)一个成员 ③(人和动物的)肢体,四肢;(手指或脚趾的)节 ④[解](男)生殖器,阴茎 ⑤[体,军]一列,行列; ⑥[数]项; ⑦一代,辈

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Fundset Deutsch2Chinese(S)

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[das] pl.Glie[der] 肢体。四肢。(数)大的枝干。成员。会员。

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