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Hacer caso omiso

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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hacer caso omiso
(v.) = disregard ; brush aside ; go + unheeded ; fall (up)on + deaf ears ; meet + deaf ears ; thumb + Posesivo + nose at ; dismiss with + the wave of the hand ; fly in + the face of ; be oblivious of/to ; push aside.
Ex: Although the overwhelming majority of technologically-driven programmes disregard information problems and issues, there are encouraging signs of a growing awareness of the need for information-driven. Ex: This paper discusses ways in which library staff become demotivated, including rigid hierarchies, ignoring staff, brushing aside suggestions, and claiming credit for their ideas. Ex: Despite all the evidence of bibliographic progress in the country during the 19th century, the expressed call for a form of national bibliographical control went unheeded. Ex: I realize that our pleas are no doubt continuing to fall on deaf ears at Thomson. Ex: The same argument on the part of librarians met deaf ears. Ex: America is criminalizing those who object to its military plans, and is thumbing its nose at the Geneva Convention. Ex: International 'rules' are often dismissed with the wave of the hand or a snort of contempt one week, and gilded and placed on a pedestal the next. Ex: If a planned activity flies in the face of human nature, its success will be only as great as the non-human factors can ensure. Ex: The advocacy of title entry for serials generally implies an ideology which is oblivious of the aims our catalog was designed to serve. Ex: She's just an airheaded bimbo, with an endless capacity to push aside unpleasant realities in favor of her more satisfying interests: young men and jewels.


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Hacer caso omiso
In that case, please disregard this email.
En este caso, por favor, haga caso omiso de (no haga caso a, no preste atención a, no tome en cuenta, pase por alto) de este correo

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