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Haweswater Reservoir

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Haweswater Reservoir
Haweswater is a reservoir in the English Lake District, built in the valley of Mardale in the county of Cumbria. The controversial construction of the Haweswater dam started in 1929, after Parliament passed an Act giving the Manchester Corporation permission to build the reservoir to supply water for Manchester. At the time, there was public outcry about the decision, as the valley of Mardale was populated by the farming villages of Measand and Mardale Green and the construction of the reservoir would mean that these villages would be flooded and lost and the population would have to be moved. In addition, the valley was considered one of the most picturesque in Westmorland and many people thought it should be left alone.

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Haweswater Reservoir
Das Haweswater Reservoir ist ein Stausee im nordenglischen Lake District. Der See verläuft in leicht gebogener Form von Süden nach Nordosten im Tal von Mardale und hat ein Fassungsvermögen von 28 Mio. m³.

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