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IMMA (International Marine Mammal Association)
international non-profit society devoted to the protection of sea mammals (such as seals, whales, manatees, etc.)

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Imma is a large genus of moths in the obtectomeran "micromothfamily Immidae. This is the type genus of its family. They are widespread in the tropics, with most species occurring between the Himalayas and the Oceanian region; the genus is furthermore plentiful in the Neotropics, but not very diverse in the Afrotropics.

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Irish Museum of Modern Art
The Irish Museum of Modern Art also known as IMMA, is Ireland's leading national institution for the collection and presentation of modern and contemporary art. Located in Dublin, the Museum presents a wide variety of art in a changing programme of exhibitions, which regularly includes bodies of work from its own collection and its education and community department. It also aims to create more widespread access to art and artists through its studio and national programmes.

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Immah Illa-ah
Immah Illa-Ah, 'Imma' `Illa'ah (Chaldean) Mother or beginning of divinity, heavenly or supernal mother; Qabbalistic term applied to the third Sephirah, Binah, to distinguish it from Malchuth, the inferior mother (termed the Bride or Queen). It is the spiritual Shechinah, the divine matrix or source out of which flows the emanational hierarchy whose completed development is the manifested universe. See also AIMA ; AM 

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vapour, mist

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IMMA (International Marine Mammal Association)
IMMA, internasjonalt samfunn uten fortjeneste som er dedikert til beskyttelsen av havpattedyr (slik som seler, hvaler, manater, osv.)

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