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Jabez Gough Enclosure

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Jabez Gough Enclosure
The Jabez Gough Enclosure (also known as the Jabez Gough Loudspeaker, or Gough Loudspeaker) was invented in 1960 by Jabez Gough, a radio engineer, living in CardiffSouth Wales. Gough devised and constructed a wooden housing for a loudspeaker unit which importantly also acted as an acoustic chamber, rather in the way that the body of a violin serves as a sound box for the strings. Challenging the dominant acoustic theories of his day and opposed by some major loudspeaker manufacturers, Gough decided to publish and sell his own plans for the construction of the enclosure, which proved very popular in this do-it-yourself era and many thousands of copies were purchased by hi-fi enthusiasts world-wide.

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