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Raga (Buddhism)
Raga (Sanskrit, also raga; Pali lobha; Tibetan: 'dod chags) - is translated as "attachment", "passion", or "desire". It is defined as hankering after things within the three realms of existence; it produces frustration. Raga (lobha) is identified in the following contexts within the Buddhist teachings:
  • One of the three poisons within the Mahayana Buddhist tradition.
  • One of the three unwholesome roots within the Theravada Buddhist tradition
  • One of the six root kleshas within the Mahayana Abhidharma teachings
  • One of the fourteen unwholesome mental factors within the Theravada Abhidharma teachings

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Lobha (Sanskrit) [from the verbal root lubh to desire greatly] Covetousness, avarice, stupidity; in Hindu mythology a god, the son of Pushti and Maya, equivalent to the Latin Cupido, from which comes the modern European Cupid. In this connection Lobha is said to be a son of Brahma generated by the latter in an evil moment.

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