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n. nudeness, state of being uncovered; bareness, state of being exposed

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Nudity, or nakedness, is the state of wearing no clothing. The wearing of clothing is a predominantly human characteristic arising from functional needs such as protection from the elements and from cold temperatures, after the loss of body hair, and migration to colder regions. The amount of clothing worn depends on functional considerations, such as a need for warmth, as well as social circumstances. In some situations, a minimum amount of clothing or none at all may be considered socially acceptable, while in others much more clothing may be expected. Social considerations involve issues of modestydecency and social norms, besides other considerations, and these may depend on the context. There may also be legal considerations.

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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1. the state of being without clothing or covering of any kind
(synonym) nudity, nudeness
(hypernym) condition, status
(hyponym) nude

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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The privy parts; the genitals.
The condition of being naked.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913), edited by Noah Porter. About

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ننگا پن, برہنگي, عرياني, بے پردگي, بنجر پن, سادگي

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